What we are doing?
Each year we will go above and beyond to raise the most funds as possible to help with the best research known to man for pediatric cogenital heart diseases and defects. We are working with many doctors from Children's hospitals all over the globe and many other instutions to advance their research and diagnosis for all types of heart conditions. 
What we are all about.
We are a non-profit organization looking to raise money through donations and events for heart diseases and defects among children. Along with this, we also want to make strides in research for all types of heart conditions and diseases. With your help we can give children and young adults a full life they deserve.
This foundation is created by Steve Cereby who was born with a heart condition of his own and has a long list of connections with Doctors at the Childrens Hospital of Philadelphia. Together, along with other sponsers and generous donations from lovely people all over, The Never Miss a Beat Foundation hopes to not only raise money for research for pediatric heart disease, but also make a childs day a little brighter. 
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About Steven Cereby
Steven is a local college student who was born with his own heart condition and has been living with it ever since but it never stopped him to live a full exciting life, full of friends and family. Now at 22 years young, Steve has been devoted to helping out with the community and always giving back and motivating people to pay it forward which led him to create this great foundation, specifically designed for children with heart defects and diseases. To discover more life saving outcomes for research at local hospitals and heart facilities. He loves talking to kids and working with them to make them realize that life is to short to feel sorry about the condition they live with because he was just like that as a young boy. His main goal is to have children live thier life to the fullest with big events provided by the generous donations from people all over. With the help of many lovely and generous people, Steve hopes that his foundation can make lives better for many children with heart diseases and defects and that hopefully one day this foundation can provide funds and research for all pediatric health care and diseases, not just heart conditions.